Why did you create BAD-ARM?
Back in 2018, the desire to help out in the community was constantly on my mind, I looked into volunteering in local hospitals and centers where you would have sick children undergoing medical procedures and operations. The problem I faced is although I had good intentions, the red-tape surrounding this was almost impossible to get through and even if you did the impossible and got past all the paperwork there were very few organisations that would facilitate it. I needed a way in which I could raise awareness and have the power to give back and here we are today.
What have you done so far?
With our first release, we raised enough money to purchase 12 Woolworths grocery voucher cards and these were handed out throughout Perth CBD to people living rough on our streets this was done on the 10/6/2019. Although very small it created a burning desire for me to help even more.
With our second release, we plan to put forward these profits to creating our own “make-a-wish” foundation for children who are currently going through medical procedures in Perth, to distract and inspire at a time they need it most.
Where did the name come from? Brock Damian Armani
I took the first letter of my first, middle and surname name and formed BDA, which when reshuffled is BAD and then I took the first 3 letters of my surname to form ARM.
How can you help?
Creating product awareness is the biggest thing that we need at the moment so if you have bought a shirt or hoodie, post a cool photo on Instagram with you wearing our brand and tag us in it.
We are also always on the lookout for volunteers to help donate a bit of their time towards charity based events. So if this is something you would love to be involved with, send us a message.
  •  Design the BAP logo (Completed 25/04/19)
  •  Built our first screen printer (Completed 28/04/19)
  •  Begin production of our first release (Completed 04/05/19)
  •  First BAP street apparel photo-shoot (Completed 15/05/19)
  •  Begin advertising/selling our first release of t-shirts (Completed 17/05/19)
  •  Partner with bio-degradable packing companies (Completed 19/05/19)
  •  First release sold out (Completed 01/06/19)
  •  Profits of first release to be put towards feeding people living on the
  •   streets in Perth (Completed 10/06/19)
  •  Shipment of shirts, hoodies and jackets (Completed 09/06/19)
  •  First clothing tags to be ordered (Completed 22/06/19)
  •  Order a sample of different fitness wear for the future BAP fitness line (July 2019)
  • Develop a “Make-A-Wish” fund, the profits of BAD-EGG donated towards sick children, to distract and inspire at a time they need it most. (Projected September 2019)
  • Fly to manufacturer to complete our first order of BAP fitness apparel. (Projected November-December 2019)