Your Impact



What have we done so far?

With our first release, we raised enough money to purchase 12 Woolworths grocery voucher cards and these were handed out throughout Perth CBD to people living rough on our streets this was done on the 10/6/2019.
Although very small it created a burning desire for me to help even more.
With my Birthday fast approaching we decided to shake it up a little and create a challenge. The challenge was to ride from Perth to Bunbury and back to Perth (360kms) and finishing a half marathon (21.1kms) all in under 36hrs. This was scheduled for the 16th and 17th of October 2019. 
Update- The ride was completed in just under 20 hours and the run or should i say the walk was completed the very next day. In total the challenge took 35 hours, with an hour still remaining to have an ice bath. With your contributions we raised $200 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
How can you help?
Creating product awareness is the biggest thing that we need at the moment so if you have bought a shirt or hoodie, post a cool photo on Instagram with you wearing our brand and tag us in it.
We are also always on the lookout for volunteers to help donate a bit of their time towards charity based events. So if this is something you would love to be involved with, send us a message.